A Mushy Run

I went to this fabulous concert the other night – Rodrigo y Gabriela at the Greek Theater in LA. I was introduced to them by John and Liz, two people that used to attend my outdoor fitness classes. We were using great guitar music in one of our workouts, they suggested I give these two a listen. I did and I was hooked.

I stayed out late Wednesday night enjoying this high energy guitar duo, so I’d planned on pushing my Thursday workout a bit later in the day. So at 10 a.m., with the summer sun out in full-force (no fog  on that day), and the temps beginning their climb for the day, I headed out for a run. I figured I could do it then, when it was just getting hot and I was feeling pretty good, or I could wait until the afternoon when it would be hotter and I would probably be a bit tired from a night of rationed sleep.

I headed toward the beach. At least it would be somewhat cooler there. My run to Stearn’s Wharf and back home is a 7.2 mile run. The first 10 minutes were like most runs – working out my aches, stiffness, and getting into my groove.

Once I had those first few minutes out of the way, my run just got better and better. And all the better-ness made me all mushy (“say “mooooshy”). I got all sentimental, emotional, tender, and lovey-dovey about everything.

"I love you, ocean!"

At one point, on my way home, as I ran up a cliff-side road that gave me a gorgeous view, I looked over my shoulder at the gigantic Pacific Ocean. I took a deep breath, inhaling the scene, and as I let it out I heard these words come out my mouth, “I love you.” Yeah, I said that to the ocean. I hadn’t planned on saying that, or even consciously thought it. Those syrupy words just came spilling out. I told you I got all mushy. It didn’t stop there either.

Then I told the trees, the blue sky, the clear air, the grass, the bushes , and even the weeds that I loved them. I actually was saying this stuff out loud. Can you believe it? Then I started listing all things I love about myself (yes, I love myself, and you ought to try loving yourself) and my life. And I was getting louder as the words kept pouring out.

I was like that girl in the YouTube video, just kicked up a notch or two.  I was seriously mushified. And seriously happy and grateful for my life!!!

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