A Dog’s Point of View

Please welcome my guest-blogger, and first-time blogger, Romero. He insisted he needed to tell Tuesday’s story. Keep in mind, he is a dog. A very cute, very adorable, but not so smart, dog.

I knew it was time . . . my favorite time. My mom, Rachel, started putting her hair up in a ponytail. Why do they call it that anyway? Why don’t they call it a doggy-tail? That would be much better sounding, and I’ sure it would make more people want to wear their hair that way.

Anyway, once she does her hair like that, I know something good is coming. Well, unless she won’t look me in the eyes. If she looks at me and makes noises at me, then I know I get to go along. If she avoids eye-contact, that’s a bad sign. That usually means I’m going to get left behind.

But on Tuesday she looked at me, talked to me in an excited voice, and was all smiles. All very good signs. Then came the moment I live for. She said that word. There are a couple of words I am really good at – dinner and walk. She said “Blah, blah, blah, go for a walk?”

That’s my cue. I ran to my leash and waited for her to put it on. Then we were out the door, but not actually walking. We were jogging. Rachel isn’t as fast as me, so I try to be patient, but it’s so hard.

Finally we got to one of my favorite parks. I knew what we were doing. We were waiting for my other friends, Laura and Dolores to arrive. Once they were there and I properly greeted them, licking them and telling them everything about my morning, it was time to workout.

I have such an athletic, fit, handsome body already. I don’t really need to workout, but I want to encourage my girls, so I go along. They each took off running in different directions. I went with Rachel. She feeds me so I give her my loyalty first. She ran all the way around the park, then pulled a piece of paper out of a funny looking bowl. Then she did some weird movements on her mat and then ran around the park again.

The first few times were really fun. I galloped, made quick, fantastic turns, and showed Rachel where to run. Each time, we explored a different little path through the trees. One of these was really great. It had lots of great smells and tall brush on either side. Then I smelled it. Something dead, something that I needed to roll in. Rachel didn’t much like that and ran really fast up to me to get me to stop. I don’t know why these humans can’t appreciate that glorious smell. Mmmmmm.

The girls just kept running around the park then coming back to do weird things on their mats. Over and over and over for so long.  Sometimes I took a break from Rachel and went  with Dolores or Laura. I tried to pick the one I thought would run the shortest route. I was getting just a bit tired. I was having a hard time keeping my tongue in my mouth. I gave Laura a look and she brought me some water. That felt better. I wanted everyone to just sit down in one place so I could lie down, but nooooo. They just ran again.

I had to go with them. It’s my job to keep them safe, you know. I have to show them the trails and look for dead stuff. I tried to tell Rachel it was time to be done. As we ran past the parking lot on one of our loops, I showed her where Laura’s car was. She yelled at me. I guess she doesn’t like me in the parking lot.  

Finally they were done with all that running. Whew! I plopped my strong, handsome, somewhat tired body onto the cool grass and watched them do more funny moves on their mats. I knew it was almost time to go home.

The humans gathered their stuff. And why is it that humans must always bring stuff everywhere they go? Anyway, I showed them the way to Laura’s car. I love this car. Laura takes me on hiking trips in this car. It even smells like me. Then, just in case Rachel was having any of her crazy delusions, I made a move to show exactly what I wanted.

When Laura opened her car door to put her stuff inside, I jumped in and made myself comfy on her backseat. There was no way in hell I was running home with Rachel. Even though it was only a mile, it’s a mile uphill. The last thing I need is to looking all ragged and worn out.

They all laughed, but guess who got chauffeured home? And I got to pass Rachel as she ran.

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